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Yahoo! getting into mashups?

an image of the Yahoo! logoSo is Yahoo! finally starting to think about how they’re going to make their recent acquisitions of and Flickr work together?

Not to be caught behind the door, Yahoo! has moved quickly to capitalize on the release and imminent wider exposure of the Nintendo Wii with the release of their Wii Portal.

By way of a baptism of fire, Yahoo! has also used this as an opportunity to showcase some ‘mashups‘ magic .. if that’s what their efforts are to be considered. Only time will tell:

“If you like the Wii, you’ll love Yahoo’s new Wii portal, which aggregates Flickr photos, games, avatars with custom Wii gear, links from and MyWeb, stories from Yahoo’s Games section, Wii-related questions from Yahoo Answers and links to buy consoles and games on Yahoo Shopping.”


Got enough stuff in there, guys? Room for one more, maybe?

It’s a novel idea, and with a high-profile player like Yahoo! doffing their cap to something like mashups, which is still very much a community project, you can be sure of seeing more of such stuff in 2007 from some of the other big players too, regardless whether Yahoo! succeed here or not.

And why is that? Because mashups aren’t just a novel concept, they’re a way of producing extremely focused, cost-effective web applications that are in many ways much greater than the sum of their constituent parts.

In addition, if you’re a web developer and you create something that links the likes of Flickr and together, you don’t have to worry too much about building a user base.

Thing is, Yahoo! bought and Flickr, and have shown few signs of doing anything with them until now.

Worse still, Yahoo! already have their own in-house web applications doing much the same thing. So mixed messages abound.

So with Yahoo! giving and Flickr an airing in preference to their own software sort of suggests which two are going to be carrying the flag going forward…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

2 replies on “Yahoo! getting into mashups?”

Hi Wayne!

Nice write up 😉
I found your site by following your profile from a comment you made at another site in case you were curious. Really great page you have going here.

What I enjoy most are the predictions you make.

Take Care!

Hi Michael and thanks for the comment, and the compliment!

Glad to hear you like what you’re reading.

I’m planning a major overhaul of the design over the coming weeks .. things are going to get much better…

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