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Tech’ news in brief: Apple iPhone rumour round-up

Following my article, pitting the Zune versus the iPod, I thought I might follow up by way of an Apple iPhone rumour round-up. Currently, there’s a lot being said about Apple and the possibility of them rolling out a mobile phone .. or three!

So what with a drunk founder blurting out possible iPhone factoids, analysts talking up global strategies, USA, Japan, Europe, security concerns, Mac OS X tie-ins, thin clients, ‘dope’ keyboards, fat profits and smart phones .. there’s enough to keep anyone busy!

Security Likely to Be an iPhone Strength

Apple has a lot to think about in the design of its rumored iPhone – namely the phone’s data security.In previous times, except for business professionals, few worried about the data contained in their cell phones. Getting information in and out of such devices has been so painful, in fact, many users don’t bother or give up trying to do so.

However, we can expect that Apple will make synchronization with Mac OS X so seamless and bulletproof that a lost cell phone, packed with gigabytes of personal data, will pose a serious security threat. That won’t do for Apple customers accustomed to Mac OS X security.

I read an article last week at The Utility Belt about various methods of securing Flash memory. One might be required to use a PIN (personal identification number) – which is generally annoying. However, there might be better security methods, such as a voice print, a finger print, or even the rhythm of a person’s gait.

Whatever method Apple uses, I’m guessing it’ll involve Apple’s typical genius for these kinds of user interfaces. After all, if the Apple iPhone is as cool as we think it might be, it will also be a target of thieves, and the last thing we want in their hands is several gigabytes of contacts, account numbers and family photos that could be used for identity theft.

Another factor that could affect Apple’s thinking is that Japan and Europe are, according to the article I read, two generations ahead of the U.S. in cell phones.”

I think this is where Apple could come undone. While maintaining a US-only policy for almost all of their product roll-outs, this is one such product that needs to come to Europe and Asia first.

It’s common knowledge that the USA trail Europe and Asia significantly in terms of mobile phones.

A portion of Apple’s market might be in their home country, but the technology and the infrastructure is over here.

Apple iPhone details leaked

A tipsy Kevin Rose, founder of, apparently knew something about Apple’s upcoming iPhone during his diggnation segment this week. He dished some facts about what he knows such as dual batteries each dedicated for a separate function, one iPod, one phone. A hesitant Rose continued to divulge that [they] would be ‘small as shit’ and come in two Flash based models, one 4GB and one 8GB, $249 and $449 respectively, with availability in January.According to Rose, the phones will not be carrier specific, and will include a ‘dope’ slide-out keyboard and ‘maybe’ a touch screen.”

Apple smart phone project rests on Mac OS X tie-ins

For several years now, an elite squad of engineers at Apple Computer have been working diligently to perfect an intuitive smart phone concept that would both conform to the company’s integrated model and oblige chief executive Steve Jobs.

People familiar with ensuing talks say the “real push” behind the device was its extensive integration with Mac OS X and the Macintosh platform. Apple is said to have demonstrated several features that called upon a still unreleased version of the company’s .Mac internet services that would allow users to control certain Mac functions remotely. These included beaming contacts, tasks and calendar appointments to Address Book and iCal from remote locations.”

Now that sounds suspiciously like my idea of how an Apple iPhone ought function.

“There were rumors that Google had expressed interest in developing specific applications for the phone that would be made available for purchase and download on an individual basis through Apple’s iTunes Store, similar to the way the company handles game downloads for fifth-generation iPods.”

What’s with all this talk of Google and Apple gettin’ it on? Sounds like something I’ve ruminated on previously:

“However, I’d like to think that with Apple and Google being a little closer these days, some arrangement with regards to video content might not be within the realms of fantasy.”

Apple iPhone to be thin client and in production now?

Prudential analyst Jesse Tortora last night claimed Apple’s iPhone has already entered production.While the company is keeping its silence regarding any future plans to ship an iPod phone, the analyst states “the production ramp has already begun,” a strong signal that the device could debut at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, but may not go on sale until late in the first quarter.”

More news to come, I’m sure…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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