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Tech’ news in brief: YouTube to go mobile, Microbes and aeroplanes, coming good…

YouTube on Its Way to Mobile Phones

“In the exact same day that Google has announced a mobile version, its popular Gmail service, Chad Hurley, the Chief executive and also the co-founder of the YouTube video sharing website (a site just bought by Google for the impressive sum of 1.65 billion dollars), has declared through a keynote address at the New York OgilvyOne Digital Summit that YouTube is going to hit the mobile market in the forthcoming year…”

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Microbes could one day make airplanes safer

“Researchers at MIT have pinpointed microbes that one day could be capable of detecting stress points and small fractures on airplane wings and other parts, professor Angela Belcher said at a nanotechnology conference taking place here this week.

The genetically engineered microbes produce proteins that attach to specific metallic alloys, said Belcher, a professor of materials science and biological engineering who was awarded MIT’s Germeshausen Professorship for combining humanitarian advancement with technological progress.

When stressed, a sheet of metal will slightly change into an alloy at the stress point, she said at the Semi NanoForum 2006 conference. Thus, by covering the wing with the microbes (and then removing the excess) human technicians can find the areas that are in greater danger of failure. The other end of the microbe is illuminated to make them easier to find, Belcher said.”

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“The butler is dead, the name has been tweaked, but executives at would like to remind the world that they are still very much in business.

In fact, they’re actually doing pretty well these days.

”We certainly are the underdog. We’re certainly living in a Google world,“ Chief Executive Jim Lanzone said. ”But Ask is anything but small compared to the rest of the Web. We’re the fourth-ranked search engine and one of the top 10 Web properties.“

Just this week, the portal Lycos announced that it had chosen to replace Microsoft for its natural search listings and Google for sponsored listings.”

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By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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