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Breathing easy outside of Redmond

What happens when a need for stringent yet invisible security turns from a need into a must? Better yet, what happens when the various developers see this as an opportunity for something truly new and Microsoft gets their first?

Well, for those in the know, there is no Palladium anymore.

But don’t even dare think of breathing a sigh of relief.

Say goodbye to Palladium and say hello to the Next-Generation Secure Computing Base, or NGSCB .. err, I mean Trusted Computing.

In real terms, Microsoft sees Palladium / Next-Generation Secure Computing Base / Trusted Computing [call it what you will] as a way of limiting what could be executed on a Windows PC.

Which means for the average ISV to get his / her software ‘approved’, they needed to get their code certified, which rather fortuitously translates into a very lucrative revenue stream — or tax — that Microsoft get to levy on all of their developers.

In addition to this, DRM is implemented by proxy, or more precisely, via the back door. So we avoid the use of the swear word that is this unassuming acronym, but loose non of restriction beholden to the little critter.

Better still, because this is all wrapped up in a hardware / software combination, Microsoft gets to control the air supply to any non-Microsoft operating system which dares to draw breath in the same beige box.

So for non-Microsoft operating systems [read: each & every iteration of Linux], this all magically transforms into a win-win-win .. err, win situation for messers Balmer & Gates.

But wait!

Someone isn’t playing nice.

But who?

Why it’s Intel of course!

While the Beast of Redmond has been busying itself with preparing to spit-roast their own ISV’s, consumers and the broader Windows development community, Intel has been gettin’ all cozy with Linux.

This just will not do!

But unfortunately, unless Microsoft puts their money into silicon fabrication manufacturing, the wheels really have come off the whole bandwagon.

Aw, bless!

Well at least they tried, didn’t they?

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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