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Move along now, there’s nothing to see

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about ‘blogging and the suggestion that it’s the true emancipation of the decimation of information.

While that might sound like some lyric from a 80’s protest rap song, it’s certainly covers some of the positives of ‘blogging.

With an opinion and a ‘blog, someone can publicize their thoughts in a truly democratized way: if someone disagrees with you, they’ll tell you as much. Thus, my ‘blog exists as a means for me to store my opinions and allow those like-minded to read and comment.

But there is a flip-side to all of this, and it’s a dark one. What if your ‘blog is never seen?

Rather than creating an immediate forum for ones opinions / rants / rambles / insights et cetera, the internet can simply become an even larger room to be stood in the corner of, feeling even more alone.

It’s sad, and it’s also a reflection of a community on a global scale: there are always lonely people who – no matter how they thrust themselves into a vast crowd of people – will always stand alone.

This ‘blog is purely experimental. Getting the traffic of people, though needed to make my ‘blog rise through the ranks, is not going to be easy — if it ever happens. But this ‘blog represents more than a hand held out in a dark room. I have a voice that I know is heard in the real world if not this one…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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I’m here mate 🙂

Anyway, sometimes you’ve just got to say what you want to say, whether anybody’s listening or not.

If I’ve got at least one reader I’d still blog, definitely. If nobody came – I’m not sure! It’d be like those people who stand preaching in the high street who nobody listens to and everybody walks past quickly looking the other way. Sad really.

It is actually quite hard to find people on the blog who have the same interests as you do. For example, the “Next” button on the blogspot is totally useless.. more often than not I get into some foreign language page or a page selling tramadol or some such shit.

Sometimes the word “lonely” is bidirectional. Some people who do not get comments on their page, hardly write comments on others. Consequently, they do not get any!

The old rules still apply: if you wanna meet people, sometimes you have to take the first step.

This article is a re-post from my other ‘blog from months ago, so the last paragraph is / was more relevant then rather than now…

I worried about people not reading my ‘blog when I started it and so tried to think of interesting and amusing stuff so it’d attract readers. Then I realised that I’d still write it even if no-one did read it, so I just decided to write about stuff I like and, as my ‘About’ page says, “it’s a place where I can come and remind myself of who I am when the Alzheimer’s kicks in”.

Oh, and cheers for the link.

Well, that’s one use for a ‘blog.

Almost akin to they diary of madman, in some ways.

I’m an observer and I’m fortunate enough to be able to see things from various angles and remain objective.

But, I’m also opinionated and not afraid of saying what I feel.

People don’t always agree with what I say, which is fine.

But when you have an opinion that strays from the accepted tenets of so-called ‘normality’, no matter the depth of merit and validity of that opinion, I often find that those who say they will fight tooth & nail for a persons right to their own opinion are usually the most veracious of opposition.

In short, those who proclaim to be the righteous force for good fighting against the many varied negative isms are the most bigoted of all…

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