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Do the iPod Shuffle…

I’m not the gadget fiend I used to be.

I like gadgets that, 1) are useful [not always a given, but you know this], 2) aren’t too fiddly [hephalump-thumbs-r-us], 3) not too expensive that I would fall to my knees, head held in hands, crying like a baby if said gadget got broken.

So the iPod Shuffle fits the bill.

I’ve had the little blighter a few months now. And .. well, I love it!

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

5 replies on “Do the iPod Shuffle…”

I got a 20GB iPod for Christmas and, at first, wished I’d gotten something smaller. I’ve come to realise though it’s handy to have loads of music to hand as me and the missus have only a very small amount of cross-over in our music, so variety is essential when out in the car.

Having said that, I might just get a Shuffle purely for those short journeys I make to mates’ houses and such …

*checks wallet*

I really like my iPod Shuffle, but there are times when it seems a little limited.

The option to store at least a couple of Playlists would have been nice.

But then, how would you access ’em?

Now there’s a question…

c’mon man, get back on the tech trail, I’m relying on you here! Four whole days without a post! I’m getting dry!

And I have to say, I’m glad I gave in and got my 60GB iPod – it rocks! (and pulses and throbs a little too). I’m up to 19.5GB filled, with about 50 CDs to go. Then I can start on my tapes, records, mini-discs, etc….

Actually it’s also had an unexpected use; my company produces regular internal tech ‘broadcasts’, basically mp3s that you log in and listen to, but you can download them. I now download them straight to iPod and listen to them when I have time instead of having to be sat in the office logged in. An added benefit.

“C’mon man, get back on the tech trail, I’m relying on you here! Four whole days without a post! I’m getting dry!”

I’m pretty busy at the minute, so it’s hard getting ‘blog articles together.

So I apologize.

Also, I must apologize for not getting around as much as usual.

I’m burning up most of my personal time working of company stuff, so it’s all go, go, go…

No sweat really mate, I can identify with that completely. If it wasn’t for evenings stuck in a hotel in Leeds I wouldn’t be able to Blog at the moment myself!

I keep reminding myself that to be busy is good – at least you’ve got a job (I tell myself) in these times of uncertainty when lots of people haven’t. And I do love my job (most of the time) which is an immense bonus (only don’t tell my boss coz he’ll try to get away without paying me!)

Take it easy (as you can), prioritise what little leisure time you have so that you’re doing the things you love to do most, and come back when you can.

And if you’re ever up for a beer or two midweek in Sheffield/Leeds, let me know, k?

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