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Longhorn could be tough sell for Microsoft:

“Microsoft managed to turn the launch of Windows 95 into a major event, with loads of mainstream press and consumer enthusiasm. However, subsequent releases have been considerably more subdued affairs, particularly the launch of Windows XP, which came just a few weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Even with its longest-ever time between OS releases, Gartenberg said, Microsoft will have to work to build demand for Longhorn.” Read more…

Guest PC emulator improves G5 performance, more:

“Guest PC provides users with the bare essentials to get a PC emulator running on their system .. The G5 performance boost is noticed on dual-processor systems. Other significant enhancements in this release include support for serial devices like modems, PDAs and cell phones (USB-to-serial adapter support has been added too). Peripheral support has been improved.” Read more…

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

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Microsoft ought to borrow the linux engine and then implement their UI on top of it. Nothing else would stop the barrage of security breaches that MS-Windows keeps spawning at an amazing rate.

That’s just not going to happen, and for entirely political reasons.

In recent years, Microsoft have taken to a frame of mind that was undoing of Apple; if it’s not invented here, we don’t use it.

Note that there was a time when that served Apple well. But times have changed and Microsoft are no longer the heartbeat of the industry.

It’s debatable whether they ever were, but they’re certainly drifting from the epicenter of change…

“In recent years, Microsoft have taken to a frame of mind that was undoing of Apple; if it’s not invented here, we don’t use it.”

My colleagues and I have been commenting recently on Sun Microsystems. Excellent products, struggling to perform in a tough market. Solution? Microsoft should buy them! They get hardware they can sell off to IBM or HP, they get Java, they get a good implementation of Unix that they can stick their front end on, call it Windows UX, and they get the whole bundle.

The only two bugbears are the monopolies commission (or whatever the US equivalent is), and the comment you posted above – the “we didn’t invent it so it must be rubbish” syndrome. It almost killed Apple and it has killed other high tech companies. I’d have thought though, that given Microsoft’s start in ‘bought in’ products, that’d be something they’d be keen on.

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