Hi and welcome!

Unlike my other ‘blog, Blah, Blah! Technology will have a very specific focus: technology.

I’ll be covering the various forms of technology available now, and of the form of technology to come.

I’ll be reviewing software, hardware, web services, books .. you name it!

I’ll be looking into the opaque and non-too-distant future, plucking out half-truths and teasing out glimpses of the kind of social, economic and cultural changes we might expect from The Next Big Thing.

In another attempt to differentiate this ‘blog from t’other one, I’ll be expecting some audience participation.

So if you spot something cool / new et cetera, let me know!

I’ll be kind, you’ll get a mention and then we can all discuss.

And above all, keep comin’ back!

By Wayne Smallman

Wayne is the man behind the Blah, Blah! Technology website, and the creator of the Under Cloud, a digital research assistant for journalists and academics.

7 replies on “Hi and welcome!”

Not much chance of that.

And I did give some consideration to that, too!

You’re very much more the broad church of science, discovery and new horizons.

While I’ll be dwelling in the real of technology specifically and more in the hear & now…

Actually, I havent had a post on web technology and the like, so true, there is not much chance of that. Hope you post often!

Oh yes!

I’ve got a whole bunch of technology articles that I posted on the original ‘blog, but were largely unseen.

Now’s my chance to unearth them…

Ooh, something new to read – good stuff.

Make sure you post often otherwise I’ll, erm, sulk.

My eyes are peeled for any interesting metaphysical occurrences based around technology. Or something.

Sorry, the Beachams All-In-One is taking effect (the lurgy finally caught up with me).

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