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MySpace calls Skype for ‘Net telephony, Part 1

So what do you get when someone like Skype steps into the mobile telephony fray with a phone of their own, coupled with something like municipal WiFi and a deal with MySpace? No prizes for guessing — you get cheap talk and free calls… So it’s maybe appropriate that Skype and MySpace have buddied up […]

Twitter4Skype: IM meets micro-blogging

Me, I usually get technology news second-hand. I’m not among the industry movers & shakers. I stand on the sidelines and watch the major players throw each other around and I look to the ground and make a best guess about where they’re likely to land. That’s technology trends for you. So taking that analogy […]

Skype updates for Mac and enterprise

I use Skype almost exclusively. Yeah, I use Meebo, too, but it’s Skype that keeps me connected to clients as well as colleagues and friends. So my interest was truly piqued by a double-whammy of Skype news this last week. Apparently, there’s an enterprise-class version of Skype on its way: “The enterprise version will allow […]

Skype offers charged call service

For the likes of my mate Paul, something like this might just be very interesting. He and a friend are working their way towards self-employment, and as IT support people, charging for their time is a must. So using something like Skype Prime to charge for their support expertise over the phone, as it were, […]

Broadband in Britain getting better

The internet being what it is, people use it for very different things. If you work from home like I did until recently, then your needs might be different to those who are ensconced in an office cubical eight hours a day. Here in Britain, broadband connections are speeding up: “Broadband is getting faster in […]