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DNA hardwired into the universe

The most fundamental question we as a species could possibly collectively ask is: why? Gifted as we are with the power to reason, we now stand on the threshold of a new understanding of not just life, but of the fundamental purpose of the universe itself — life might be the very reason the universe exists at all…

The shape of the universe

Theories explaining the shape of the universe are many; sphere, torus and even a flat, infinite sheet. But what if the universe isn’t really any kind of shape we could even comprehend?

The answer to life, the universe and everything in it…

I like to think. I like to think about pretty much anything and everything. I also like to write about what I think about, too. Recently, I had cause to put thought to web page on the subject of theoretical physics. Not that I’m a physicist, theoretical or otherwise. But I sort of know enough […]

A universal illusion

The universe just got smaller. 120 times smaller, no less. And what impact does this news have on our daily lives? Absolutely nothing. But for the likes of me, this news simply set my mind racing around and around and around .. in fact, my thoughts came right back to where they started…