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Clicky gets simpler

By way of an update my previous, broadly positive review of Clicky web analytics, here’s a run-down of what’s new. The guys at Clicky have since added out-bound link tracking, which now shows up under the Actions tab button, formerly called Clicks. This is excellent, certainly enough for me to keep using Clicky on a […]

British ‘bloggers…

Of the people who pass through Blah, Blah! Technology, the vast majority are from the USA while visitors from Britain are half that. So this is where I’d like to reach out to British technology ‘bloggers, and I’m writing this article knowing that at some point, it’s going to come up in a Google search, […]

Guerilla photojourno killed the pro?

Technology, certainly good technology enables people to do things they would or couldn’t ordinarily do.h3 A good example would be the home video recorder. These portable video cameras have been around for decades, but are only recently starting to make sense from cost point of view. However, stills cameras have been around much longer, and […]

Why we shouldn’t save the planet

There’s plenty of things that annoy me, none more than the paying consumer being lumbered with the responsibility of shouldering the burden of saving planet Earth. This, as a burden, is not ours to bear, and I’ll tell you exactly why. Only recently, George Bush sort of hung his hat on the technology peg by […]

Review: Clicky web stats shows style

Now that I’ve had a chance to poke & prod Clicky for a good few days, the data is more meaningful. If you were around on Thursday, you’ll have read the opening first installment on my review of Clicky web analytics. The features: too much! I know exactly how it is once you have a […]