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Google giving social search the vote?

Google has struggled to get a fix on Social Media. And recently, indecision has been final. However, deep in the basement of the Google Labs, something very social is happening to search that might just be worth a vote of confidence… You see, Google has this experiment in Social Media search. Right now, it’s not […]

How to hide spammy Shouts on Digg

Unsolicited messages (a.k.a Spam) are a drain and a drag. No sooner do we edge away from our total dependance on email – towards Social Networks like Pownce and StumbleUpon, or IM (Instant Messaging) services like MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger – do we then find ourselves the target of yet more spam… According to […]

A world wide web of friends

So there’s friends and then there are acquaintances — people we happen upon, usually in passing. Then there are allies — people who stand by us through thick & thin and who we really want in our corner. But the way that most websites work, there’s usually just friends, and that’s about as detailed as […]

Semantic Web as the "killer app", Part 3

So the future of the web is a semantic, social landscape of topic and task relevance, content specificity and aggregated data & information. But how does all of this change affect the way we interact with the web? What happens to the web browser? In the first installment, I discussed how the search engines will […]

Semantic Web as the "killer app", Part 2

If the current iteration of the web is about Social Media, Social Networking and the ownership of our data, then the next iteration of the web will stand for the personalization of our data. But our data won’t just be personalized, this data will be smart enough to know when to go beyond mere data […]