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5 reasons why I ‘blog

Sometimes, the hardest questions are the obvious ones. Like for example, I remember many years ago when I was working with a sales & marketing specialist, and I was asked who I thought my ideal client was. Well, imagine my embarrassment when I had to admit I didn’t have the first clue! Times have changed, […]

Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: T-90 days

After a self-inflicted blow to the ‘blog, I’m in recovery mode. I keep getting strange little spikes in traffic which hark back to how things were before I moved over to the new web address. Quite apart from the ghostly glimpses of visitors past, I was paid a visit of another kind, from the ghost […]

Wayne’s weekly wrap-up: WTF?!

This has been a hard, transitional week for me. Since moving over to the new domain name, I’ve seen my traffic sag somewhat. I’ve been quick to swap out the old web address with the new one wherever I get the most exposure, but this is going to be an uphill battle. I’ve spent the […]

The last word in technology…

As I walk through the door, I place my rucksack on the breakfast counter, casually throw my car keys to one side and look to the kitchen table to see what post / mail I have waiting for me. My dad will be second into the kitchen, usually following the dog. She’s the one who […]


No, not that 300, this 300. This is my 300th article, and to commemorate this most auspicious of occasions, my new address goes live as of this evening. So from now on, you’ll be able to get to my ‘blog with a much simpler name, that being, which is somewhat more memorable than the […]