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Apple iPhone: the game is on

“Many abilities. No buttons. Introducing the iPhone.” Is this Apple trying desperately to Think Different, or are they onto something? Or, is this just another fake? I have to wonder. On the face of it, the idea of a mobile phone sans buttons seems ridiculous to the extreme, but why have buttons anyway? For a […]

Tech’ news in brief: Skype round-up

Skype Unveils 3.0 “The new features in Skype 3.0 for Windows are called Extras and Public Chats. Extras enables game playing and music recommendation through There will also be something called ‘mood messages,’ which will allow users to ‘explain how they are feeling and what they are doing with their friends and families, no […]

Apple Mac Tablet for the rest of us, Part 3

To try to please everyone is to please no one. But could an Mac Tablet by Apple do just that? Could Apple please the home, education and creative markets with one device? I’d say they can, and the reason for this thinking is not so much in the device, but in the software. In the […]

Apple Mac Tablet for the rest of us, Part 2

So Apple go and release the Mac Tablet. What kind animal would the Mac Tablet be? When I previously talked about the needs behind the Windows Tablet PC and the problems it solves, I don’t see those needs or problem-solving ideas being anything like what Apple might have in mind. Specifically, I don’t see Apple […]

Apple Mac Tablet for the rest of us, Part 1

Apple rumours abound. What with the Apple iPhone doing the rounds, the Mac Tablet had to get an airing. But what would a Mac Tablet do, how would it work and what problems would a Mac Tablet solve? The R&D labs at Apple are a fabled place as Groom Lake, Arizona, more commonly known as […]