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Business websites: SEO versus Social Media, Part 3

Social Media does not and cannot benefit businesses in the same way that SEO can. I can’t stress this enough, because the evidence is all around me. And being both logical and objective, I have to follow the facts as they are and not how I’d like them to be… In the 1st and 2nd […]

Why blogging is like a deck of cards

Such is the allure of making money from the web, content isn’t always seen as the undisputed king. For whatever reason, content is often deposed – sometimes quite unceremoniously – as ‘bloggers attempt to monazite their missives, mostly misusing or misunderstanding the “less is more” mantra. So if content is King, who’s the Queen and […]

Are you an advertorialinsultomercialist?

If you’re a business owner, or in sales, we’ve all done it. So don’t act all coy, coming over all who-me. We say we’re not going to do it, but after a few drinks and a sudden rush of confidence .. oops! Out it comes. You start to slight your competition, but dress it up […]

Yet another ‘blogging article…

Man, is the web just totally crowded with ‘blogging tips & tricks, or what?! It’s almost like ‘blogging advice & help articles are in your face wherever you turn, isn’t it? So what makes mine any different? You doing something with my advice and then making good of it… So you want to know more […]

Are you ready to run your own business?

Running your own business isn’t easy. It’s a life-changing commitment that requires a great deal of your time. But the possible rewards can often vastly out-weigh the trials, troubles and tribulations you’ll encounter along the way. Before embarking on this perilous and exciting journey, you must first perform a very honest appraisal of yourself by […]