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9 things wrong with StumbleUpon

So I thought to myself: now that I know 5 good reasons why StumbleUpon is pretty good, maybe there’s some stuff they’ve got wrong? And like most Social Networks out there, StumbleUpon isn’t flawless… The problems with StumbleUpon aren’t too deeply ingrained or self-defeating, like those 17 things wrong with Google’s Blogger. I tend to […]

5 essential StumbleUpon power points

I really like StumbleUpon. So much so, I thought I’d make a list of 5 essential things you ought to know about StumbleUpon… BTW, you can pay a visit to Wayne Smallman’s StumbleUpon profile » I’ve only been on StumbleUpon since may 2007. And in that time, I’ve attracted some interesting friends and reviewed some […]

Tailgate, booBox in-page ecommerce

It’s one of those Golden Rules of web usability: don’t make the visitor click more than they need to. And so it goes that both Tailgate and booBox have gone beyond the simpler affiliate advertising model and created a new, more instant paradigm… In the case of Tailgate, their approach is to re-purpose existing screen […]

Skitch! Net lingo for sketch…

It’s not often that something comes along that truly impresses me. It’s all the more galling to be as impressed as I am knowing that the guys behind Skitch, the all-round image editor are Australian… For those not in the know, we British have an intriguing love-hate relationship with our Antipodean cousins, but I’ll attempt […]

17 things wrong with Google Blogger

I thought I’d revise a much earlier article about Google Blogger with some more of my whinging & whining and how things would be much better if only Google listened to me for a moment or ten. But then I decided to invite someone else and let them set loose their own whinging & whining, […]

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