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With the advent of the web, the legal remit and political influence of many nations find themselves being pulled around the globe. Boundaries become blurred as national interests, cultural customs and case law collide…

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Government 2.0 — can Barack Obama and Gordon Brown pave the way?

Government is changing. Why? Because society is changing. More people are now on-line and social media is playing an increasing role in our daily life. So what can the British government do to make the most of social media?

Twitter’s reality check is in the post

Twitter is not a safe harbour from the rules of society. Chances are, what happens in the real world will happen on Twitter, too. Can we avoid this? No, absolutely not. And we shouldn’t even try, either. Here’s why…

Why we need a blogging code of conduct

Few would contest that blogging is now mainstream. As such, aside from professional journalists, most bloggers write their own rules. But as blogging begins to compete with the mainstream media, is it time that we had a blogging code of conduct?

Twitter is all talk and Digg democracy is dead but not buried

Any kind of democracy relies on there being some way of measuring the intent of the people. Digg offers this, Twitter doesn’t. So the very idea of Twitter being some kind of democracy makes zero sense…

This virtual world

When we speak of virtual worlds, we really mean the real world. Because no matter what these virtual worlds look like, they’re still populated by real people. But what happens when virtual worlds become reality and reach into the real world?

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