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As a medium, the internet is comparable only to the book. However, the ubiquity, scale and potential of the internet is, firstly, not yet fully realized, and secondly, without doubt utterly incomparable. Some argue that the internet should now be considered an inalienable human right. While others would have the internet banned outright. Whereas some, like China, choose sensorship…

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3 ways to fix Facebook

Facebook is broken, from the very first moment you go to their home page — from dead-end conversations, irrelevant updates, to application overload, here’s three ways to fix Facebook.

Florida lawyers, judges barred from ‘unethical’ social networking?

According to a recent legal ethics ruling in Florida, lawyers and judges are barred from “friending” on Facebook, Twitter et al. Since when did ethics take on the role of censoring personal relationships?

Twitter lists give the finger to #followfriday?

“Sorry, you’re not on the list.” Oh, the burn. And if you’re on Twitter, the indignation is now monumentally public. But then I’m reminded of what my mother told me: it’s not quantity but quality that counts. And sometimes, the who is better than the what…

Facebook not on same Page as their users

Google have stiff competition in Facebook. But not for the reasons you might think — neither quite understand the power of social media in the way you’d think they would…

Gimme less network noise and more social media signal!

Who do you trust to deliver relevant, accurate news and information? Friends, right? Thing is, on the social web, a “friend” can be almost anyone. And over the coming months, we’re all going to find out who our real friends are…

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