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A solution to the clean coal conundrum?

As a fuel source, coal has been instrumental in the foundation of the modern world. The great Industrial Revolution, the very gateway to this modern world of ours was powered by coal. Now, coal is an environmental anathema, but for developing countries, coal is is still burning bright. So what’s the solution?

Cloud Computing: an electrical storm waiting to happen?

If there’s to be any silver lining for Cloud Computing, it better be because of it’s green credentials, or we’re due the biggest electrical storm in computing history…

What global energy crisis?

Predicting future technology trends doesn’t get more expensive. The global energy economy hangs in the balance, and smart people have to make some exceptionally important decisions — how are we going to power planet Earth in the future, once fossil fuels run out?

My top 7 environmental sci-tech articles on Blah

When we talk about the environment, we really mean our environment. And the saviour of our environment is, ironically, the very same thing that in many respects imperiled it in the first place — our application of science & technology…

Rocket Racing League to leave environmentalists fuming?

The idea of a rocket racing league all sounds amazingly futuristic. And given our current grasp of aerospace technology, entirely possible, too. However, I think the Rocket Racing League will either struggle to get off the ground, or all go up in smoke — and in a very literal sense…

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