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Web logging (or blogging) is no longer just a pastime; a way to annotate and share your daily thoughts. Blogging is now a serious media channel, occupied by businesses and people alike. Blogging can empower people, letting them share an idea, an objective or something as simple as a joke…

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Top 10 articles of 2008 on Blah, Blah! Technology

Over the last year, a string of social media, science, software and technology articles have given this ‘blog some serious exposure. So here’s a list of the most popular articles of 2008…

Why we need a blogging code of conduct

Few would contest that blogging is now mainstream. As such, aside from professional journalists, most bloggers write their own rules. But as blogging begins to compete with the mainstream media, is it time that we had a blogging code of conduct?

Of blogging, hitting the “Topic Wall”, timing and success

Success is a curious animal. Success is also relative; my successes might be an awe-inspiring revelation to one person while being but a yawn-inducing triviality to someone else…

Kids, video games, urban myths, internet rumours and politics really do mix!

Anyone can report the news. The real story is predicting it. If it’s the big “What if?” on social media trends, technology trends, and thoughts on scientific discoveries you’re looking for, then the Blah, Blah! Technology blog is the place to be for you and your friends…

5 internet power user tips for OpenDNS, Yahoo! Pipes and Facebook

Sometimes, stuff like web applications, chat and micro-blogging services just seem like a ton of hard work. So here’s a bunch of web tips and internet tricks to get you going!

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