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Octane has the X factor

Wednesday, 28 January 2009 — by

Octane, web design, web application development and consultation since 1999June 14th 2009 will mark a major milestone in my life. Octane will be ten years old. Those less familiar with the Blah, Blah! Technology blog will not know that for the last ten years, I’ve been running my own web design and development agency over here in Yorkshire, England. Octane is, quite simply, my life…

Like all good things, Octane started with an idea, or rather an ideal; to help business harness the power of the then new media. Talking about “new media” now sounds a little old fashioned. Since those times, I’ve off-loaded three-dimension animation and video production, to just focus on the web design, web application development and the consultancy aspects.

Blah, Blah! Technology is a trading name of Octane Interactive Limited, which helps consolidate and legitimize my activities across the web.

For any business to make it to the ten your mark is a major achievement. But for a business in the web design & development industry, Octane is a rare species indeed.

Going high Octane!

Counter to conventional wisdom, I’m in the midst of planning a marketing campaign. Why do this when everyone else is spending less? Because I develop web applications that have saved my clients many thousands of pounds.

I suppose I’m not alone in this thinking, but this year’s race will see far fewer competitors, so I’m confident of a good run.

Octane has a blog, which is where I will be focusing the majority of the business topics from here on in, so I recommend you subscribe to Octane.

Perhaps you’re still wondering what a web application is? Well, I’ve got that covered, so feel free to read my beginner’s guide to web applications. That’s the kind of thing you can expect from the Octane blog; quality how-to guides, discussions, business help and advice.

So is Octane going to be here in another ten years? Who knows. I would certainly like that. To be there in another ten years means staying agile, continuing to out-think agencies much bigger than Octane and remaining hungry…

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Comment and be known

Find duplicate files → Thursday, 29 January 2009 @ 13:18 BDT

I am a fellow small business owner since fifteen years.

It was interesting to read about your company. Congratulations to your ten years in the business and I wish you ten more successful years.

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