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The writers draft: the Blah tech’ blog needs you!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008 — by

Being a technology blogger isn’t easy. The challenges are many. But the rewards are considerable. Question is, do you want to write your own part for a success story in the making?

Blah, Blah! TechnologyI know I’ve got something special going on here. But there’s so much more that Blah, Blah! Technology can achieve. To make this happen, I reckon I need more quality writers.

And since this is the 600th article, I thought this would be the right time for me to formally ask around to see who’d be interested in writing for Blah.

Call it a regular guest posting slot, call it a writing position — call it what you like! I’m looking for people to fill a number of areas on Blah:

You’re free to write weekly, biweekly or monthly.

If you’re not up to the challenge, maybe you know someone who is? Then forward this article on right now!

What’s expected of you

Ideally, you’re already a blogger who’s self-sufficient and resourceful with your own social network of contacts and friends, who you’ll happily bring along.

You’ll have an engaging writing style, with an eye for detail and good, broad sense of humour.

You may be blunt, you may be a diplomat, or you may be someone who courts controversy. Either way, you’ll be factual, precise and logical.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good eye for timely, themed content, such as an articled tied in with the release of a movie, for example, or Linkbait resource lists.

Also, you’ll have a fearless quality. I don’t concern myself with the politics of blogging. When I see something that’s wrong, bad or stupid, I say it as I see it. Maybe you’re the same.

I don’t want news. There are plenty of people out there contributing to the greater blogosphere by way of the lesser Echo Chamber.

No, I want people who’ve got a finger to the air and an ear to the ground. I want a “What if?” slant, with conjecture, opinion, brave guesstimates and thread-like observations.

Currently, there’s no chance of a wage — I don’t pay myself a wage! But, your efforts combined with my own would reap many, many rewards:

  1. Our combined networks bringing in a tsunami of qualified traffic.
  2. Greater reach and more main-stream exposure for our articles.
  3. Building on the many hundreds of subscribers Blah already enjoys.
  4. Possible access to future revenue streams and business referrals.
  5. A chance to link to your own articles from an established blog.

Just who / what is Blah, Blah! Technology?

You don’t know?! That’s OK, it’s an easy mistake to make.

Way back in March 2005, the Blah, Blah! Technology blog was born. Since then, I’ve been bringing to the web the very best technology trends and opinion I can. Avoiding the news and concentrating on the “What if?” of things, wherever and whenever I can.

As an example of diverse range of quality content I’ve churned out over the years, here’s a list of articles spanning everything from SEO to Star Trek and back again.

Want to know more? Of course you do! Then pay a visit to the Blah about page for more information.

Blah — out & about on the world wide web

Over the last 3 years, there’s been some notable moments, too.

In early June, my introduction to Plurk, the new micro-blogging platform got a mention on the official Plurk press page.

Back in May, I wrote a guest article for Brian at NowSourcing about Google’s malware problem:

“In providing a search service, Google have an obligation to ensure their service does not knowingly or willingly cause harm to us. So imagine my dismay to see malware being paraded in front of me after an innocuous and totally unrelated search…”

Back in February, I wrote for SEOMoz on the subject of Google experiencing growing pains:

“Google is now beginning to appreciate the unique challenges that come with size, scale, and sprawling strategies.

Like Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker — with great power comes great responsibility. And as Peter’s alter-ego Spider-Man knows only too well, with great power comes a vast array of threats and enemies, too.”

Back in January I wrote for GigaOM, offering a counter-point to Seth Godin’s erroneous views on “Word of Mouth” marketing:

“Finding cost-effective marketing techniques is a challenge. One such marketing technique defies the passing of time, and stoically remains both free and reliable — and that’s word-of-mouth recommendations…”

Interested? Then why not drop me a line, including:

  1. A few personal details (name, age, location, brief biography et cetera).
  2. Why you think you’d be good for Blah.
  3. 3-5 examples of previous articles.

Between you & me, let’s see if we can make the Blah, Blah! Technology blog the venue for technology trends, commentary and opinion…

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