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Apple iPhone 3G — review

Monday, 21 July 2008 — by

So the much-hyped iPhone 3G is finally here, flaunting its new HSDPA connection and AGPS. But all is not rosy in the Apple’s garden of touchy-feely delights, since many of the old version’s problems still remain.

Apple iPhone 3G | Register Hardware.

A very balanced and fair review.

Despite being a revolutionary product in so many ways, the iPhone lags significantly behind in many ways; poor quality camera, no video function, no MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).

Here in Britain, any successful mobile needs those three things at the very least. But this is Apple, and their Reality Distortion Field can induce some very strange symptoms in people — like making them blind to show-stopping feature omissions.

It’s doubly ironic, because Apple are all about photos and the sharing thereof, yet their golden gadget does that very thing quite poorly when compared to the other mobile phones out there…

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