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Apple filing hints at live video Podcasts

Thursday, 31 July 2008 — by

“The instructor could make certain gestures, or movements (e.g., captured by the video camera), speak certain words, commands or phrases (e.g., captured by a microphone as an audio snippet) or take long pauses before speaking, all of which can generate events in Stream A that can be used to trigger operations,” he wrote.

“In one exemplary scenario, the video of the instructor could be shown in full screen as a default. But if the capture system detects that the instructor has turned his back to the audience to read a slide of the presentation, such action can be detected in the video stream and used to apply one or more operations on Stream A or Stream B, including zooming Stream B so that the slide being read by the instructor is presented to the viewer in full screen.”

Apple filing takes Podcasts to the next level.

Apple logoThe thing is with Apple, once they get their collective heads around something, they innovate to such an extent that they suck out all the air so no one else can do anything else!

Podcasts are wildly successful, despite the reluctance of this author to give them a second thought. Apple have identified a key area of video production that snags content at source, mostly because of the switching between sources.

Assuming this filing does come to fruition — which seems highly likely, given the way the Internet is fattening out — Apple could excerpt control over content production and distribution on almost every level.

Possibly more interesting is that Podcasts would suddenly go beyond static files and into the realm on enriched live feed sources.

I’m guessing there’d be a two-tier approach to content production; iMovie for simpler things like school Show & Tell stuff, while Final Cut would dominate the high-end professional area, such as keynotes, academic presentations et cetera.

Get this right and Podcasts would get a whole new level of legitimacy amongst a very broad selection of people. And we know how Apple can hang their lowest fruit on a brand name very, very effectively these days…

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