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Having faith in technology

My dad is something of a crypto-Luddite. He’ll happily use his mobile phone, yet deny, denounce and pour scorn and ridicule on anyone and anything else making those brave, tentative first steps out from the safe confines of a research laboratory and into reality. He lacks faith in technology — and he’s not alone, either…

Microsoft “Office Lite” to take on Google Docs? Part 2

Microsoft Office faces greater and more committed competition now than at almost any other time since its inception. Will we see Microsoft innovate or imitate their way to greater successes?

Microsoft “Office Lite” to take on Google Docs? Part 1

Google Docs could well be applying pressure to Microsoft. Right now, their “Office Lite” project code-named Albany is in closed beta. But can Microsoft make Office work in an on-line world?

Cell phones, micro-projectors & GPS to give rise to “metavision”?

Imagine a world hidden from our eyes, one of words, pictures and movies, on almost any surface, anywhere in the world. Imagine this invisible world being all around you, out of sight yet close at hand. And to see this new world? You’d need nothing more than a next generation mobile phone…

Facebook ventures into Instant Messaging

Facebook have officially entered into the IM (Instant Messaging) space as of today. Here’s my initial thoughts…