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Google Webmaster Tools improves, Sitelinks clarified

Wednesday, 5 March 2008 — by

Google Webmaster Tools is improving in leaps & bounds. Now there’s an option to view top queries by country and by search type, which helps clarify Sitelinks and how they’re often country-specific…

Search queries by Type and Location

For me, this is a big deal — you can now refine your top search queries in Google Webmaster Tools by Type (Blog Search, Images, Mobile Images, Web Search or all) and by Location.

Blah, Blah! Technology search queries

So rather than seeing cumulative results for your search queries, you can now refine those queries across a range of sorting / ordering criteria.

Almost immediately I could see why Kapitex Healthcare don’t have Sitelinks in the United States, yet have them for the United Kingdom — “Kapitex” and “Kapitex Healthcare” are lower down the list for the United States and not in 1st and 2nd place respectively as they are in the United Kingdom, which is exactly as I’d surmised.

So clearly then, Kapitex Healthcare do not have the same brand penetration in the United States. But I can now see from the search volume for the aforementioned queries, they have Sitelinks on Canada and Italy, too.

Also, I can see that in some countries, while they’re being found, they’re not being clicked on. And that information could prove to be vital to my clients marketing efforts.

Google Sitelinks — keyword traffic volume

All of which is a very neat segue into my next topic, which is a clarification of my Google Sitelinks article from earlier last month.

While the article has been well received — as I’d hoped it would be — too many people have been misinterpreting my analysis.

For the purposes of a acquiring Sitelinks, total traffic volume to a website is of almost no importance, as far as I can see. Overall traffic is totally different to the traffic for the word part of a domain name — which is important and does massively affect whether a website gets Sitelinks or not.

With regards to the two websites I mention in my original article (Kapitex Healthcare and Trident Exhausts), both are enjoying a greater proportion of organic / search traffic to where the key phrases either match or are very close to the word parts of the domain name.

Kapitex search traffic

To simplify, let’s take a trip into cartoon world.

Now let’s assume that ACME Inc. had a website. Their web address is, which enjoys a modest yet entirely respectable 300 visits per day.

Of those visits, 10-30% of that traffic came from search engines with the query: “ACME Inc.”, then they’d probably get Google Sitelinks.

Of course, as I outlined above, Google’s Webmaster Tools will help you seek out exactly where you’re likely to find your Sitelinks in the world.

And by looking at the web statistics for several other clients of mine, I’m fairly certain they too will acquire Sitelinks of their own shortly.

I’m also fairly sure the data from Webmaster Tools is available in Google Analytics somewhere, but I’m a guy, so laziness tends to creep in at the most inopportune moment.

But I have an excuse — when are Google going to combine Analytics with Webmaster Tools and FeedBurner?

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