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Build for a better tomorrow

How we’ve harnessed technology has brought our world to a cross roads; we must now think more carefully than ever about how we build the things we use to make our world what it is. Our awareness of resources and our efficiency in their use is paramount. Now, we must build for a better tomorrow, today…

Interactive technology: sight, sound and touch

What we see, touch and hear pretty much defines our interpretation of the world. Stimulating these senses often has its own rewards, just talk to Apple about their iPhone. So how else might technology stimulate our 3 senses — of touch, hearing and of sight?

3 ways to a better Ping — the shared status service is a new status update service that serves a number of top Social Networks, like Facebook, Pownce, Jaiku and Twitter. It’s good, but I think there’s room for some improvement…

My 3 rules for Social Media voting

I’m that guy, stood there in the driving rain at 3am in the morning, waiting to give you a hand. I’m there because I said I would be. But at the same time as being your best friend, I’ll probably annoy you with my principles…

The great Blah 3rd birthday give-away!

Blah, Blah! Technology just had a big birthday – the big #3! And did you hear? You’re all invited to the party this week!