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The zen of link strategies

Wednesday, 27 February 2008 — by

Hunting down that next big back-link to a ‘blog or website is an endless preoccupation, verging on obsession for some. But what if the art of link strategies was in the understanding of people and not numerical permutations, PageRank or perplexing algorithms?

The taming of the flying words

Be it blind luck, error or crass stupidity, they are about all you can ever hope to count on as benevolent sources of back-links if your writing is not of sufficient quality to keep people captivated.

To engage those that happen upon your writings, be:

Quality back-links are earned as a result of equally qualitative content.

As you walk through the valley of reason

Do you covet the traffic handed to your peers by those who you aspire to be?

Do you ache with envy, sure in your mind that you deserve equal?

Then think of the reasons why those around you are getting the back-links and you are not.

You will be enlightened to know that in addition to writing quality content, those enjoying the success of their written exploits were also offering something:

Whatever the reason, emulate their offerings in your own inimitable style and your efforts will also be rewarded with URL riches.

Brothers in arms

Armed with the sword of good content and the shield of sound reason, now you must seek out your allies — since combined you will triumph where as individuals, failure is closer than success.

Know your niche first, and in time thou shalt know your audience, too.

Often, those kindred spirits who cast their eyes across the same web pages and ‘blog articles as you are to be found sheltering in secluded Social Networks like StumbleUpon or Social Media websites like Digg or Reddit.

In search of the wise elders

Whatever niche you choose to call home, there are those who are true luminaries — thought leaders you aspire to be like or emulate.

For your words to be seen by their eyes and uttered by their lips, you must walk the same path as they do. Find those ‘blogs and forums they frequent most often.

Be like the eagle and observe; they could be worthy allies. In time, befriend them and hope that they reciprocate.

They are not gods, though some will act so. Fear not their knowledge, but instead learn from them.

If they inspire you, then link to them. Respect may not come from those whose knowledge and attributes you prize, but from others looking on.

They may be lesser elders, but wise none the less.

The company of allies

Be warned, fair reader! Many has been the weary traveler, stricken with Social Network Fatigue, numbed by the voluminous nature of the greater ‘blogosphere — no man or woman can read all there is to know in a single day.

Do not feel tempted to burden your allies further, since your persistence may well be your epitaph.

Instead, ease their plight and befriend them. Be sure to read their missives on occasion, commenting when appropriate.

Know their niche and know it well. Recommend them to others and share in their successes.

Eventually, your sociable disposition will be paid back in kind.

When one journey ends another begins

Be not care worn or of heavy heart from your journey, dear traveler.

In being mindful of your surroundings, social networks and your allies, the reward paid will be your deliverance from the obscurity of ‘blogging oblivion…

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Comment and be known

Paula → Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 14:49 BDT


I’m no where being ready to worry about backlinks and the like, but I most certainly appreciate this article.

I guess being new at this does have it’s benefits… I’m still at the stage where I am just excited to have my little corner of the internet to put my own thoughts. :)

Wayne Smallman → Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 16:07 BDT

Hi Paula! With any luck, I’ve helped out, even if only in a little way…

Paula → Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 17:36 BDT

Wayne you have certainly helped. I know from talking to others that link building is quite important, from your post, I see that with good content the link building will follow!

Heidi Cool → Wednesday, 27 February 2008 @ 21:23 BDT

Wise words indeed Wayne.

Paula, I think you are right on track with putting the emphasis on content. From that the rest will follow, yet it is never too early to start making connections. And of course by being here and on Pownce you are doing just that!

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