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Alternative energy technologies of the future

Alternative energy sources are now firmly on the agenda. With the prospect of dwindling natural resources, energy conservation and efficient, sustainable energy production are more important than ever. So what new alternative energy technologies are out there?

The zen of link strategies

Hunting down that next big back-link to a ‘blog or website is an endless preoccupation, verging on obsession for some. But what if the art of link strategies was in the understanding of people and not numerical permutations, PageRank or perplexing algorithms?

Social Media, Social Networking and SEO demystified

For those new to Social Media, Social Networking and SEO, things can appear dauntingly complex, often leaving people without much of a clue where to start. So I decided to write several articles to help out…

The future of gaming: Casual Gaming

Entertainment is an activity best shared. And video games are no different. Ever since network play first emerged, playing games became a social affair. So what’s the future of Casual Gaming?

Serious Science: nanotechnology to kill the “upgrade cycle”?

The advent of nanotechnology will change almost every visible and invisible part of our lives — from the way we treat illnesses to how we manufacture products. Soon, the “obsolete component” itself will be obsolete…