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Serious Science: bionic eye in sight?

Our lives are defined by our view of the world around us. With just our eyes alone, we can make more sense of things than we could with any other one sense. What if we could enhance our eyes — making them bionic eyes?

A follow-up to Socialize Me!

In the end, my new Plugin for WordPress, Socialize Me! turned out to be more of a success than I’d either imagined or planned for. In truth, this really is just the start of things…

The ideal Home Page design

In the age of the search engine, the Home Page has a diminished role in the broader context of your website or ‘blog. What with Landing Pages being de rigueur, is there still no place like home?

Making a blog with FeedBurner

As a seasoned ‘blogger, you’ve already got yourself a Google FeedBurner account, right? Hidden within could be a treasure trove of delights, waiting to be served up to your feed readers…

The future of Social Networks

Social Networking is edging inexorably towards major financial success. But before the real money can be got at, Social Networks must go “vertical”, and in doing so break the glass ceiling on the way up…