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Write, read and review Google Knols with Docs, Reader and Jaiku

Tuesday, 18 December 2007 — by

Google Knol made the headlines, in part for all the wrong reasons. But now that Google’s Knol is here to stay, how might Google make writing, reading, rating and reviewing Knols that much easier?

Jaiku, Reader, Docs to support Knols?

A friend asked a question on Pownce yesterday which made me think: what are Google going to do with Jaiku?

I do like Jaiku, which has all the strengths of both Pownce and Twitter combined. But since Google bought Jaiku, future plans have been hard to come by.

I’m not as won over by Google Docs as I once was. But I think that might change in the future.

And out of these two applications, Google could create quite a compelling strategy to help make Knols more appealing to the disaffected or would-be content editors out there.

From a content creation point of view, Google Docs & Spreadsheets is a very competent — if feature ‘Lite’, when compared to Microsoft Office — suite of office applications.

I’d wager that Google are keen to add in extra options to Docs which would help facilitate the writing and publishing of Knols.

And if it’s a question of adopting the trappings of Social Media, by allowing people to vote & review Knols, then a suitably tweaked Jaiku would fit that strategy very neatly.

But what about reading Knols?

There’s every chance that Google’s search results aren’t the only place we’re likely to see Knols turning up.

Creating a Google Alert is the done thing these days, by ‘bloggers who’re keen to track hot topics in their niche. So expect Knols to pop up there. And what about being able to subscribe to Alerts or even Knols by topic or category via Google Reader?

And let’s not forget Google Groups, which could well provide an excellent tie-in, especially since Google Groups has a ratings system in place.

I’m guessing this is why Google have been looking at adding OpenID support to their Blogger application.

In addition, Google Profile might also be the outward extension of their Account service, which would pull together the likes of Docs, Reader and Jaiku.

Fancy ideas about which applications can work with what aside, these are early days, and there’s still much more to know about Google Knol…

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Comment and be known

jansegers → Thursday, 10 January 2008 @ 20:31 BDT

I can’t find anyone on the web already experiencing with Knol, but everyone is talking about it right now.

Google Buzz is really great! Maybe except from, I’ve never seen a non-event having this scope.

They might have a problem BTW, because both and are in Dutch custody at this moment and those two places will be the first to be visited.

A bit stupid of those Dutchies not to put a massive load of publicity garbage on these sites, if you ask me: they would get rich in no time…

Wayne Smallman → Sunday, 13 January 2008 @ 10:22 BDT

Hi and thanks for the comment!

Agreed, there’s a fair amount of discussion going on regarding Google Knol, but it’s a closed development project, so there’s few people involved in testing.

I’m sure we’ll learn more in due course.

As for the domain names, that’s something I don’t often read up on. But it is interesting that Google have gone for a product by name without securing the web address first!

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