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Google giving social search the vote?

Google has struggled to get a fix on Social Media. And recently, indecision has been final. However, deep in the basement of the Google Labs, something very social is happening to search that might just be worth a vote of confidence… You see, Google has this experiment in Social Media search. Right now, it’s not […]

The mobile office of the future: communication and web services

Key to the success of the mobile office is a strong communications infrastructure. Part of that infrastructure must also make provision for office storage — functioning in the same way as your computers’ disk drive does today, allowing you to store and retrieve all of your office documents from wherever you happen to be… In […]

The mobile office of the future: software & hardware

Soon, the mobile office could make fixed offices as much of an anachronism as the desktop paradigm on your computer. In business, almost everything we do is liable to change, edging towards an ever-moving mobile metaphor… With the right tools and the right workflow, your office could be wherever you are standing or sitting. Your […]

Business websites: SEO versus Social Media, Part 3

Social Media does not and cannot benefit businesses in the same way that SEO can. I can’t stress this enough, because the evidence is all around me. And being both logical and objective, I have to follow the facts as they are and not how I’d like them to be… In the 1st and 2nd […]

SEO: Internet hide and go search?

Browsing through the hundreds of posts in my feed reader, I scroll past countless articles with secret SEO strategies and promises of website crashing traffic. But how do you find the right people that will love your site as much as you do? It strikes me that the web is nothing more than an adult […]