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5 technology disasters, horrors and tragedies

Not all technology changes people’s lives for the better. There have been some notable technology disasters over the years, five of which will be retold here for you, fair reader. Sobering tech’ tales of woe, tragedy and horror to leave you sleeping a little less easily over the night of Halloween… 1. The magically moving […]

The value of business knowledge

Adults don’t just pop into existence, fully educated and well heeled. The same applies to businesses — things need to be learned along the way. However, the expectations of clients can be that the knowledge we apply to their projects is old, tried and fully tested. But it’s sometimes borrowed and totally new… Sometimes, as […]

Blah, Blah! Technology: trends, opinion and commentary

Success as a ‘blogger is both relative and elusive, not to mention circuitous, too. But recently, Blah, Blah! Technology has been enjoying some success, all thanks to you, the ‘netizens of the greater ‘blogosphere… In addition to being added to TechDispenser’s ‘blogroll a few weeks ago, I was recently invited to provide articles for Internet […]

Social Media to kill Google’s search algorithm?

With the recent round of updates to Google’s PageRank, some of the more notable venues on the web have taken a sizable hit in their rankings. And while Google has left it to those affected to speculate, I suspect it’s Google’s way of trying to suppress and then kill off a web trend they can […]

Adobe look to ‘Webtop’ software future?

As the web evolves, so do the working practices of those that make their living, or manage their lives there. And so do the ambitions of those ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) who see the web as the new medium through which their applications will work and hopefully thrive… Webtop as the new Desktop Making their […]