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Snap Shots Firefox Add-On debuts

Wednesday, 11 July 2007 — by

Undecided as I was about adding something to my ‘blog that might annoy people, I paused for thought. It’s a fine line between added-value and just plain annoying, so Snap Shots website previews didn’t quite make this recent cut…

In fairness to Snap, it’s more because I don’t have to the time to set Snap Shots up properly, but I am impressed with Snap Shots, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I make the leap.

However, I got an email from the guys at Snap yesterday which caught my interest:

“Dear Website Owner,

Team Snap has been working double-time to bring you the newest addition to our growing family of website and blog technologies.

Introducing Snap Shots Add-On for FireFox.”

Now that is cool!

I’m quite picky about what Add-Ons I use in Firefox, for a variety of reasons.

And while I personally like Snap Shots, I’ve read where people do find their pop-ups annoying. But in their defense, Snap do have TechCrunch in their corner, among other notables.

There are some bigger players out there providing similar services, but there’s something less intense about Snap Shots that I like.

It’s worth pointing out that if you’re intent on adding Snap Shot previews to your ‘blog or website, you can be very fine-grained in your approach. So you can add previews to all links or just certain, specific links.

So don’t be too worried about them taking over things, it’s not anything like that. But there is the requirement of you having to roll your sleeves up and get into the code.

I’ll be playing around with Snap Shots for Firefox over next few days and I’ll be back with a review shortly .. so stay tuned!

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Comment and be known

Brian Heys → Wednesday, 11 July 2007 @ 20:49 BDT

I have very mixed feelings about Snap Shots. used to install it by default when you set up an account, and I found it quite novel, and even useful while they appeared on my blog.

The novelty wears off when you get annoying popups appearing all over your screen, slowing you down when you don’t want them to.

They’re almost on a par with Kontera or Chitika Linx – handy at times, but on whole, I reckon they get in the way.

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