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SEO: To link is to like is to luv

Monday, 7 May 2007 — by

Sometimes, good SEO is just like being a good ‘blogger. If you’re like me, then there’s stuff you like enough to write about, and you link to it, right? So why the anchor text anorexia, eh? ‘Coz if you’re gonna do it, do it right!

I have a small confession; that’s not my catch phrase. I heard it elsewhere, but after a quick Google for: “anchor text anorexia”, I couldn’t find anything.

If someone’s willing to provide a good home to this orphan phrase, speak to the small bald guy with the limp at the desk.

He’ll give you number. All you have to do is join the queue…

If you’re going to link, do it with words and do it with pride!

A link to someone else’s ‘blog counts. But if you want to really, really help them out and make the search engines pay attention, feed the damn anchor text, dude!

And it’s really quite simple.

Put simply, the search engines are really, really fussy readers. And just like regular people, they don’t like to have to think too hard.

If you’re linking to someone who’s written a really good article on Whizz Bang Stuff, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization,) then in your link to their ‘blog, make sure you make a link that sez this guy really knows his SEO stuff, especially SEM (Search Engine Marketing) stuff, too.

Now, I know it’s a big link, but there’s several advantages:

  1. the visitor can’t really miss it, can they?
  2. it’s chock full of meaning and good, strong words, and
  3. you’re likely to make any ‘blogger worth his / her WordPress account sit up, pay attention and then pay a visit to see what all the fuss is about.

Live a little. Luv a ‘blog? Then luv a link…

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