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The ideal Landing Page design

Thursday, 22 March 2007 — by

Landing Page design is about engaging the visitor. Thankfully, there are those that have developed rules for creating the ideal Landing Page design…

Here’s an email I sent to a client about 5 minutes ago:

“Hi [Client]!

Here’s a really good example of the kind of design and content elements a Landing Page should have, go to SpectorSoft Spector CNE.

Also, for more information about Landing Page design, go to the WebSite Landing Page Guide and the F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content web page.

Speak to you soon…”

I must stress that I’m not in any way promoting SpectorSoft. I just happened to find them in MyBlogLog.

In addition, the emphasis has been added for the purposes of SEO and weren’t a part of the original email to my client.

Hope that proves useful…

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Comment and be known

Anonymous → Tuesday, 24 April 2007 @ 22:49 BDT

The Landing Page Guide says that the page should be no larger than 800×600 yet the Example at SpectreCNE that you present is well over that.. why the contradiction?

Wayne Smallman → Tuesday, 24 April 2007 @ 23:27 BDT

That’s a good point, but it’s best to be guided by the numbers you’re getting from your web statistics.

For example: most visitors to my ‘blog are using screen resolutions of 1024 by 768 and above.

A resolution of 800 by 600 is a very distant 6th on the list.

Hope that helps?

Web Hosting → Wednesday, 30 April 2008 @ 20:08 BDT

That site is a good example of a landing page, and it is their home page. Sometimes it is hard to have both the home page and landing page be good without being too salesy.

Wayne Smallman → Wednesday, 30 April 2008 @ 20:15 BDT

Hi and thanks for the comment!

I recently came across a very good primer for effective Landing Page design, which you might find helpful.

Speak soon…

Leandro Feijó → Wednesday, 30 July 2008 @ 3:01 BDT

This article of SEOMoz is really interesting.

About the resolution, it depends of each case. You can use Google Analytics to see what are your visitor’s screen resolutions. In my case (SEO Master), the 800×600 is just the 5th place too…

Jovani → Monday, 1 September 2008 @ 13:06 BDT

Thanks for your links and useful information. I agree that our task is to engage the visitor and it depends sometimes on the Landing Page design. I think that you are one of those who develop rules for the design? And your blog and your page can be an example.

Wayne Smallman → Monday, 1 September 2008 @ 13:14 BDT

Hi Jovani and thanks for the comment! Always appreciated.

I see myself more as someone who experiments with ideas. If I develop any rules (which I’m not sure I have), then they’re more by happy accident than design.

Also, I’ve written a comprehensive article discussing idea Home Page design, too.

Hopefully, you’ll find that useful, as well…

Kadin → Wednesday, 10 September 2008 @ 17:42 BDT

When I came across your article I found it rather useful, especially the information about a really good example of the kind of design and content elements that a Landing Page should have. Thank you.

Landing Page Keywords → Tuesday, 27 January 2009 @ 19:39 BDT

I just wrote a post on how I utilize Google Analytics to optimize my landing page keywords. I really don’t know if this is any big secret as I am sure lots of other people optimize their landing pages in this way, but it works for me and maybe someone else would be interested too.

Brian → Tuesday, 10 February 2009 @ 23:08 BDT

Excellent information! I’m gonna share this with our clients.

Michael Flint → Friday, 20 February 2009 @ 5:01 BDT

Rules are made to be broken. I recently attended a seminar where the topic was landing page conversion. One of the examples shown didn’t have a contact form, but asked for a further definition of who you are before it directed you to an appropriate landing page with a contact form. Although the extra step seems very contradictory to typical landing page design, it was actually very necessary for the purpose of this product offer.

In general, I agree that you should keep it all above the fold, and be brief and to the point. I’ve posted more of my landing page design thoughts here.

Russell → Wednesday, 19 January 2011 @ 11:31 BDT

I generally agree with rules like keep all contents above fold but disagree with 800×600. I save screen resolution stats of traffic to my landing pages and I noticed more than 80% visitors have screen resolution of 1024 or more… So not filling available space is like missing opertunity. Now the web trend has also been changed from 777 to 1024. What do you think?

Wayne Smallman → Wednesday, 26 January 2011 @ 10:46 BDT

Hi Russell, I agree with you — there’s certainly a trend towards larger screen resolutions.

Sorry Comments are close. Quite possibly for a good reason. Share your thoughts on some of my other posts or contact me directly.

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