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Google, Clipmarks look to video

It wasn’t too long ago that Digg started offering video as a peer content offering, along side the regular common-or-garden variety universal resource locator (link to you & me!) Well it looks like Google have been experimenting with video in their search results, too: “Looks like Google is experimenting with including videos in the organic […]

Apple iPhone to get ringtones via iTunes?

As the weeks pass, more & more insights and rumors surface about the iPhone. May be a case of deliberate leaks, may just be idea speculation. Always makes for fascinating reading, that’s for sure: “The iPhone seems set to be more capable than first thought,… [speculation is that] Apple will sell ringtones for the iPhone […]

The answer to life, the universe and everything in it…

I like to think. I like to think about pretty much anything and everything. I also like to write about what I think about, too. Recently, I had cause to put thought to web page on the subject of theoretical physics. Not that I’m a physicist, theoretical or otherwise. But I sort of know enough […]

Microsoft Windows to go ‘pay as you go’?

In terms of committing resources to a problem, Microsoft were stretched developing Windows Vista. Their ambitions far exceeded their very considerable reach. For the end user, the end product is a shadow of what was originally talked about. I imagine Microsoft would be keen to avoid this kind of thing in the future. In fact, […]

Broadband in Britain getting better

The internet being what it is, people use it for very different things. If you work from home like I did until recently, then your needs might be different to those who are ensconced in an office cubical eight hours a day. Here in Britain, broadband connections are speeding up: “Broadband is getting faster in […]