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Being the appreciative ‘blogger that I am, I’ve decided to post full-length content via my news feed. So from now on, you can either view my ‘blog either fully via my FeedBurner feed, or come visit the ‘blog and see what else is going on. As always, your time is highly appreciated… Tweet

Big movies for big prices makes little sense

Right now, here in England, some of the top-flight football clubs in the Premiership are struggling to fill their stadiums. The reason for this is pretty simple: they’re charging way too much for tickets. They’re pushing the grassroots fans out of the game and instead pandering to the armchair viewer who’s paying their stupidly high […]

Apple’s FairPlay in Euro legal wrangle

Leave it to my fellow Europeans to make a song & dance about fair rights for music ownership. “Norway’s Consumer Ombudsman has ruled that Apple’s FairPlay digital rights management technology violates the country’s laws by locking songs downloaded from the iTunes Store to the iPod. The ombudsman wrote a letter to Apple warning that its […]

Adobe plan p2p technology move

When all is said & done, Adobe, and formerly Macromedia are vendors of software tools. They produce software that enables creative people to do cool stuff. What they haven’t done is muscle in on the content side of things. That’s what their customers do, and isn’t ordinarily the domain of the vendor. Of all the […]

Googlebomb now a dud?

When is a bomb not a bomb? When it’s a Googlebomb! But even the Googlebomb is no longer the bomb that it was. However light-hearted this commentary could have been, there are some serious consequences of Googlebombing campaigns, some of which have political aspects to be considered. By way of some background, here’s the skinny […]