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Sir Tim Berners-Lee fears for the web, Part 4: politics and society

Politics, it would seem, knows no limits. Politics permeate every aspect of our lives, no matter where we choose to live out that life, be it in this world or a virtual one such as the web. In the first installment, I discussed the worries voiced by the founder of the web, Sir Tim Burners-Lee, […]

When the printed word is pressed for an answer to ‘blogging…

Wars have been won with the power of the written word, printed and disseminated amongst a populous to incite or excite in equal measure. So having read through another installment of SEO Book, a quote taken from Clay Shirky’s Fame vs Fortune: Micropayments and Free Content caught my eye by being as astonishing as it […]

Spammers outsourcing to India?

Some among us are inundated on a daily basis with unsolicited email messages. A client of mine receives no less than 300 per day. To untangle the legitimate messages from the not-so-legitimate email messages is a daily, time-consuming task he’s surely loathed to perform. For those like me that ‘blog, there’s a similar threat to […]

Tech’ news in brief: paper storage not worth, err .. the paper it’s written on?

Despite the sudden rush of interest in the paper-based high-density storage media technology proposed by Sainul Abideen, those with more numerically-oriented brains than this author seem to have poured water on the flames that were only so recently fanned by the expectation that such a technology could actually be real: “Despite technological advances in scanning […]

Adobe and Microsoft having creative differences? Part 1: in the beginning

Industry behemoths Adobe and Microsoft look destined to come to blows over their creative differences in the not-too-distant future. What with Adobe inking a deal with Mozilla and Microsoft’s Expression of interest in the creative market, we have all the makings of a colourful exchange. So has Microsoft painted themselves into a corner, or is […]